Saturday, 31 August 2013

FUTURE RELEASE: Mutineers - Tell Me Why

Manchester underground band Mutineers are releasing their new single 'Tell Me Why' on 23rd September as the follow-up to their debut word of mouth album 'Friends, Lovers, Rivals.'  Mutineers have built a large cult following with 90000 twitter followers and playing amongst the likes of New Order, Pete Doherty and The View. They're one of the few non-commercialised bands out there who simply make music because they love it. If that wasn't enough to make you listen, the single has a classic Manchester sound,  mixed with their own brilliant lyrics and raw vocals from the lead singer.

Pre-order the single on Itunes now or from September 23rd text 'track TELLMEWHY' for the mp3 link or 'track TELLMEWHY m' for a direct to phone download to 80818. 

Tell Me Why mini - tour dates.....

Warrington Friars Court - 12th October
Manchester Sound Control - 17th October
London Rattlesnake - 18th October
Glasgow Pivo Pivo - 2nd November
Leeds Cockpit - 16th November

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